Akon Called Out For Divisive Comments Comparing Black American & African Musicians  

Akon claimed Africans naturally have a better stage presence than Black Americans, who he referred to as “wobbling, pants hanging half down.”

Akon has Twitter in a shambles over his latest comments concerning Black American musicians. 

The “Locked Up” hitmaker sparked another online debate days after he was criticized over his comments about Black fathers. Another non-viral clip from his interview on the Zeze Millz Show began making the rounds featuring Akon comparing Black American and African performers, implying that the latter has a better stage presence.  

The contentious remarks came after Zeze gave props to a young musician whom she praised for his performances. “Well he’s African,” Akon replied before adding, “We’re a little different when it comes to stage presence.” 

Akon continued describing American performers as “wobbling, pants hanging half down, bored as hell, half asleep ‘cause they high as hell on stage.” According to Akon, African performers don’t have these issues. “But [In] Africa, we wake up in the morning. I mean, like look at these YouTube clips of all these kids from Uganda. Like these kids are performers. So for us, it comes natural.” 

Check out Akon’s comments in the clip below and the episode at the end of the page.  

The backlash was swift once clips began circulating on social media, with users criticizing Akon over his divisive take.  

“Akon cosplayed as a black American for the majority of his career so him saying this is wild,” read one tweet. “Let the Black Americans cook him (without xenophobia pls).” 

Another shared an image of Prince, adding their thoughts in the caption: “Akon really said that s### as if we do not have iconic Black American artists/performers. I mean the list is long honey.”  

Another stated simply, “Stop asking Akon questions.” 

Akon Called Out Over Fatherhood Comments

Akon also faced backlash over his comments about the responsibilities of fatherhood during the same interview after Zeze Millz questioned how Nick Cannon manages not to miss important events in the lives of his 12 children.  

When the host questioned how he manages to “attend every single recital?” Akon fired back, “No, that’s a white man’s thing. Who gives a f### about a recital?”  

He continued, “No, seriously. Listen, my job is to raise my kids, to be responsible, to be understanding, to protect their mother, to give a hand with their father, and to assist with family planning, and to be responsible adults.”