Akon Recovers His Stolen SUV In Atlanta. Here’s How He Did It


Akon was victimized last night after he was jacked for his SUV at an Atlanta area gas station. But he’s already got his ride back!

International superstar Akon has recovered his stolen luxury vehicle.

According to Forest Park police, the “Lonely” rapper’s SUV truck was found at a Buckhead gas station after a lowlife jacked it on Monday night.

The hitmaker, whose real name is Aliaume Thiam, left the front of his Range Rover unattended at the QuikTrip on Sidney Marcus Boulevard while he went to pump gas.

Apparently, he was too slow, as some wolves crept in and zipped off with it. He must have forgotten he was in “Atlunna.”

A report of Akon’s account of the crime was released by the local authorities.

It read, “He stated that when his tank was almost full he noticed his white Range Rover … pulling off while he was still pumping his gas.”

They were clearly plotting on him and caught him slipping. The police report noted that Akon was being followed by a dark-colored sedan when he arrived at the gas station at 11:37 pm.

“Shortly after, you can see the suspect get out of the passenger seat of what looks to be a black, four-door BMW sedan, get into the driver’s seat of the victim’s vehicle and drive off with the black BMW following right behind.”

The convenience store’s surveillance camera caught it all on camera.

How did he get it back?

Because Akon left his phone in the car and they were able to track it. Within an hour, he had his ride back.