Joe Budden Should Be Slapped, Says Infowars’ Alex Jones

Joe Budden and Alex Jones

Joe Budden has a new beef brewing. The popular podcaster is in a battle with infamous “Infowars” host, Alex Jones.

Joe Budden has officially moved into the political space. After calling right-wing talking head Alex Jones a racist, the “Pump it Up” rapper has become a target for the Infowars host to blast.

It all started after the New Jersey native saw comedian Alex Jones on Schulz’ show, “The Flagrant 2” podcast.

Disgusted and outraged, he took to his platform, The Joe Budden Podcast, and said, “I saw something that perturbed me and irked my soul, but I’ma say it and move right on.”

He continued, “Andrew Schulz, love what he’s doing independent work, it’s awesome. Makes his bones with a Black man [Charlamagne Tha God]. That Black man has done all that he can to build this white dude up, get his name out as he possibly can. Something that his white comedian friends failed to do for how many years.”

“Recently I’m informed that Schulz has been doing the smart thing or business move of aligning himself with the Rogeners,”

“So, I’m seeing clips now of Andrew Schulz with… [Jones]. They’re having a blast, they’re working there, who knows what they’re doing? It disturbs me,” he also shared.

But that was not it. The former Def Jam artist known for his outspokenness likened Jones to the Klu Klux Klan.

Alex Jones responded and has since gone viral.

He said, “You need to be slapped upside your dumb ass head for your own good. I’m not saying I’m going to do that. My point is, what the hell’s your problem?”

“You don’t even know who I am, but you get the talking point for trying to police things and say Andrew Schulz shouldn’t have Alex Jones on because Andrew Schulz is a white guy we have on these shows, and he shouldn’t be on with a KKK guy…”

“You work for those people. You work for big tech that lavishes you and promotes you…”

“That’s on you, Joe, and you’ve got to face God for it. You sit there and worship your KKK daddy. I hope you burn in hell!” he ended his rant for a moment to go to a commercial break.

When he came back, he hopped on it again.

“I was ranting and raving here on the Alex Jones show, something about Joe ‘Booden’ who is a popular podcaster attacking me basically saying I’m a KKK guy, I’m a racist and Andrew Schulz, the popular comedian, shouldn’t have me on his show,” he shared.

“I said, ‘burn in hell’ and I take that back… I repent on that; I hope his bad ideas burn though because it’s a lie. I will not sit there and have racist Black people who are feeding at the corporate new world order… lecture me about how I’m bad because I’m white.”

“Just because you are this Black person paid by the corporate media to spew racism to divide this country in the world,” he said.

He ended with a conversation about the devastating poverty of third-world Africa. To that Twitter had a field day, saying that he was more “woke” than the rapper-turned-podcaster.

This story is developing … Do you think Joey will clap back?