Alicia Keys Could Be New Queen Of Christmas With First Ever Holiday Album

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is dropping her first Christmas album, “Santa Baby,” next month. Check out the details!

Alicia Keys will celebrate Christmas this year with her first-ever holiday album.

The “Fallin'” singer shared the artwork for Santa Baby on Instagram and announced it would be released on November 4th.

“I know it’s not even Halloween yet….. but I had to let y’all know first!! Santa Baby NOV 4th,” she wrote in the caption. “Just in time for good vibes!!”

In a video on her Instagram Stories, she added, “I got my first-ever holiday album dropping, Santa Baby, on November 4th. I can’t wait for you to vibe with this, this is going to give you that energy! I know it’s Thanksgiving not even yet, I know, I know it’s not even Halloween, but I got to let you know first.”

According to ET Canada, the 11-track album features Alicia’s reimaging of seven classic festive songs as well as four original tracks she has written.

“I picked each song based on my all-time favorites and I wrote the new ones based on real holiday emotions and stories,” she explained in a press release. “The holidays are such a beautiful time to slow down, be with the ones you love and make meaning! Santa Baby is definitely going to be the perfect holiday soundtrack. I can’t wait for you to fall in love with it.”

Alicia will release the album’s first single, December Back June 2nd, on October 28th.