Alleged Snippets From Wu-Tang Clan’s “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” Leak Online


(AllHipHop News) Martin Shkreli may be one of the most hated men in the world at the moment. Besides receiving widespread condemnation for raising the price of a life saving HIV drug over 5000%, the head of Turing Pharmaceuticals also became the #1 villain of Wu-Tang Clan fans when he reportedly bought the NYC collective’s one-of-a-kind, secret album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin.

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Shkreli can now be seen on video saying, “Plans for the album? I don’t know. I’ll probably never even hear it. I just thought it would be funny to keep it from people.” But alleged cell phone recorded snippets from the project bought for a reported $2 million have leaked online.

Listeners can hear about 8 minutes of music supposedly from the RZA-led, Cilvaringz-produced album. Once Upon A Time In Shaolin was contractually required to be kept from commercial use for 88 years.

“After 88 years the copyright, which includes public and commercial rights, automatically transfers to the owner of the work,” said Cilvaringz earlier this year. “However, it will still be his or her choice at that [point] to release it or not release it.”

Wu devotees hoping the Clan (or actor Bill Murray) will be able to steal Shaolin back from Shkreli should not expect that heist to happen. Despite numerous news reports the two parties had the legal right to swipe the LP, the “Bill Murray Clause” turned out to be a hoax.

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Watch video of Martin Shkreli talking about Once Upon A Time In Shaolin and listen to the snippets below.