#AllHipHopHuntinSeason Challenge Brings Lloyd Banks Out Of Retirement

Lloyd Banks is back outside spitting better than the G-Unit alum did back in the early 2000s.

(AllHipHop News) The AllHipHop.com and Jadakiss “Huntin Season” challenge got G-Unit lieutenant Lloyd Banks popping out – causing a ripple in rap music’s rhymeverse and got folk asking “when is the next Cold Corner?”

The challenge has had many an emcee get mixy on the mic.

Rappers like Papoose, E-Ness, 3DNatee, and Goodz da Animal hoped on the instrumental.

Even comedian Affion Crockett left earth with his freestyle, but there was nothing funny about how he got wreck.

But…when…the Queens native emerged from where ever in the world he was hibernating … he made it clear that the PLK was back in the building.


On the freestyle he said:

Quarantine is cool I had plans to stay in my bag this summer/Things I gotta prove again .30 caliber magnum hunter/Chip heavy as ever, another challenge I’m back in front of/N##### get in their feelings and burn they bridge, I’m the acid under/My jersey’s a classic number/Might be one of significance… ask ya mother/Ratchet wonder, never had a rappin’ blunder/Came a long way from that couch with the plastic cover/It’s hunting season, Corona mask and the accurate drummer

When he switches his flow, incredibly he kept us riding with him as he spat:

“Your favorites are shook I’ve been poking at them this whole time/I get in my zone again s###’d be changin’ rapidly/They thought I was dead I raised out the ground of a gold mine”

Right when you thought the wordsmith had totally reminded us why his distinct voice and style of emceeing has been untouched for 20+ years, he hits us with this:

“Should have never been crossin’ me, lay em out perpendicular/Celebrate for the parish, and party on the peninsula/Making this book a masterpiece, 20 chapters convincing ya/So sinister, 40 new bars sharp as ya minister Remington pump or Cali/say my name in any room It’ll echo like Teddy Riley/I’ve been punching by the twos, and they hittin’ hard as Vitali”

Lyrics like this got us fiending to hear him and Jada together on a remix.