Amazon Music Honors 2023 Breakout Artist Lola Brooke With Hometown Mural

Lola Brooke

Article warning … the writer will say the word “BROOKLYN” a lot in this article, just the way Lola would want it!

Life has changed swiftly for the Brooklyn rapper Lola Brooke over the past year. In 2022, the pint-size diva was just talking to about growing up in the County of Kings and wanting to put on for her city.

Lola Brooke has evidently made her borough proud, endearing herself to millions and earning the respect of other Brooklyn rappers such as Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, MC Lyte and even battle rap queen Babs Bunny.

Now, she’s getting some love back. Outside of the massive crowd eruption that breaks out every time she hits the stage, she’s been gifted a true monument of her success.

Amazon Music has made her its 2023 Breakthrough Artist, which comes a mural in her hometown.

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Lola Brooke posted her first time going to see the wall on her Instagram for her fans. The caption read, “Thank You @amazonmusic for my mural in Brooklyn, NY ! BREAKTHROUGH ARTIST 2023. I love it here #UhUhUhUhhhh.”

When she saw it, she squealed with joy and said it was bigger than her voice. Amazon Music jumped the comment section, writing, “Our queen #uhuhuhuh.”

A fan replied to them, “@amazonmusic Brooklyn’s queen too make way queen Lola has arrived New York hottest artist right now song is on fire from queens to Brooklyn.”

Now she joins the ranks of other Brooklyn rap legends like Biggie, Big Daddy Kane and Pop Smoke with her own dedicated art. The mural is located at 111 N. 12 Street in Brooklyn.