Amber Rose Blasts Donald Trump For Feeling Up Women But Says Other Famous Guys Do It Too


(AllHipHop News) Amber Rose was a guest on the latest episode of Yahoo’s new series “I Yahoo’d Myself.”

Amber sat down with Yahoo Style Editor-in-Chief, Joe Zee and said that she hoped Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would be brought to justice for allegedly groping over 12 women.

The women came forward after a video clip from “Access Hollywood” leaked featuring Donald Trump making lewd comments about women, including his infamous quote about “grabbing” women “by the p####.”

“I want him to get in trouble for it because I cannot even count how many times a famous guy touched me inappropriately…seriously,” Amber Rose said during the interview. “Imagine this, Donald Trump comes and touches me inappropriately right. I’m a regular ass girl, do I call 911, do I get on twitter and tweet about it?” Amber asked.

According to Amber this type of behavior from Donald Trump and men in the entertainment business is why she labels herself a “s###” and was also the motivation behind her annual “Slutwalk.”

“People not understanding that women are sexual beings as well is the reason why I refer to myself as a s###,” Amber said. “It really just takes away the pain, takes away the bullying we deal with as women.”