Amber Rose Says Her V##### and Rob Kardashian Have Exposed Men’s Double Standards


(AllHipHop News) Amber Rose has condemned men’s shaming of women who fail to live up to their standards of beauty or behavior.

The model and TV personality, 33, hit the headlines last month when she posted a picture showing her unshaven private parts on Instagram and Twitter.

In a new interview the star told American website Refinery29 that the reaction to her posting the image has shown the double standards as to how men and women are treated.

“I feel like as women, we always feel like we need to shave or wax – and if we don’t, then we’re considered unkempt or unclean or we’re gonna smell funny,” she explained. “I believe that it’s natural and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it.”

The star also slammed the way women who have revealing images leaked, like her friend Blac Chyna, are treated compared to those who choose to embrace their sexuality.

“People are very uncomfortable with the female body,” Amber adds. “It’s ok to leak images onto the Internet and people are like, ‘Yeah, that’s so cool.’ But if you actually do it yourself and in a way that’s owning your own sexuality, it’s almost taboo.”

Intimate pictures of Chyna were posted on Instagram by her ex-fiance Rob Kardashian on Wednesday, and Rob could face prosecution under California’s laws outlawing “revenge p###.

Amber, who in October will host her third annual ‘SlutWalk’ event promoting feminism, says the double standards that allow men to shame women have to end, adding, “Men feel like they can do whatever, and show their bodies off constantly, but we can’t – that’s bulls**t.”

She adds, “The fact that there are double standards, that women are not allowed to own their sexuality and their bodies. We can’t possibly be sexually confident, because then we’re w#####. We’re not allowed to have a past. We’re incapable of love if we’re too beautiful or if we’re too successful. It’s all really, really f**ked up.”