Anderson .Paak Talks Modern Music’s Lack Of Staying Power & Older Generations Shutting Out New Music


(AllHipHop News) It took Anderson .Paak many years to finally break out as a national music figure.

Paak’s Malibu is one of the best-reviewed albums of 2016, and the Aftermath signee was the most senior member of the XXL Freshman class for this year.

The 30-year-old singer was born at the early end of the Millennial generation, so Anderson was able to witness the music industry’s transition from analog to digital.

A.P. has also been vocal about younger artists needing to study the acts that came before them.

In an interview for Hunger, Paak further shared his thoughts on modern performers as well as Generation Xers take on what is happening in today’s music.

Anderson said:

I feel like a lot of stuff now gets real pretentious because they’re looking at how people respond so quickly and some people are highly affected by that. It’s rare you get music today that has staying power. It feels like an aesthetic makes more of an impact these days. But at the same time, I want to see what the younger generation is doing and appreciate it. I was always annoyed with older generations shutting out whatever new was happening. You don’t have to agree with what’s going on with the younger generation, but I want to have a conversation and have my opinion be part of the conversation. Something I will say for the younger generation – it’s way harder to fool these kids now, they know what’s going on.