Andre 3000 To Release T-Shirt Line Based Off Of Custom Tour Jumpsuits

andre 3000


Andre 3000 will be dropping some new heat soon, but it won’t be an album.

All 47 of the jumpsuits he wore during the Outkast reunion tour were on display at the Miami Art Basel last week and during a sit down with Hard Knock TV three stacks said that he will be transforming the jumpsuit designs into a t-shirt line. The t-shirts will feature the same quotables on the jumpsuits like ” I pray there’s a God at the end of all this, “big girls are beautiful to me,”  “everything is temporary,” “ok hand over the cure and stop playing” and many more. All those quotes were written by 3000 himself.

“It started off as one message and I kind of continued it from there,” said the Atlanta spitter told Hard Knock TV. “They’re just thoughts that I’m having…Since day one I would always draw out and design what I would wear on stage.”

A release date for the t-shirt line has not been revealed but he says we’ll “be able to see that really soon.”

Watch the interview below.