NUTS! Antonio Brown Exposes Himself, Puts Bare Butt In Woman’s Face

Antonio Brown

Former baller got nasty in a foreign hotel swimming pool, nude with just his gold chains.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer football player Antonio Brown is under fire after a video of him exposing himself to a female hotel guest surfaced on social media.

Though the video was leaked on Saturday, October 1st, the incident happened in the spring on May 14th at the Armani Hotel Dubai.

According to New York Post, the footage shows the wide receiver relaxing naked with nothing but gold chains on and flashing his private parts in a woman’s face while the two were swimming in the pool.

Another time, he puts his bare behind in her face.

At first, the lady is seen laughing, but as the video progresses, she looks like she just wants to get away from Brown.

Another video shows him trying to tie a scarf around her, but she was able to get out of that situation. But videos make him look incredibly cringe-tactical, especially when he says to her, “you want it.”

One fan reposted the now-viral video and captioned, “Antonio Brown sexually assaults visibly uncomfortable woman and then exposes his penis to multiple guests****** I mean seriously did you guys even watch the video? He grabbed her and threw her back down in the water. No wonder she went into the hotel crying. What a sick pervert.”

One guy tweeted, “Yeah, he lost it.”

Another asked, “How is that man not in jail.”

After the incident and reports of other guests complaining of his antics, Brown was asked to leave the hotel. A rep for the hotel declined to comment and refused to reveal the name of the woman.