Antonio Brown Reveals New Role As Donda Sports President With $2 Million Super Bowl Invoice

Antonio Brown shared an invoice for VIP and suite tickets for the Super Bowl however, the date suggests it was for last year’s event!

Antonio Brown revealed he is the president of Kanye West’s new venture Donda Sports, sharing a $2 million invoice to highlight his boss moves. 

“WE THE OWNERS NOW !” the former Tampa Bay Buccaneer declared on Instagram. Antonio Brown chose to notify his followers of his new appointment by posting an invoice for VIP and suite tickets for the Super Bowl.  

“Donda is about ownership, empowerment, and discovering the next superheroes,” AB wrote. “This is for the people who counted us out, for everyone who said we can’t— we say WE WILL.” 

He continued, “As President, it was important to me to book the Donda Suite for this years SUPERBOWL LVI. This is a game meant to be watched together. This is the love and unity we need to push. THIS IS FOR THE KIDS, OUR NEXT GENERATION!!!” 

Antonio Brown also revealed Donda Sports will host family events for the Super Bowl this Sunday (Feb. 13). “We will be hosting community events this weekend, and inviting kids with their families to the game, let’s give people the Donda Experience. It’s A Family Affair,” he added.  

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However, something appears amiss as the invoice Antonio Brown posted was dated February 7, 2021. It was also due on the same date, the day of Super Bowl 2021.   

Earlier this month, Hollywood Unlocked shared a press release announcing Antonio Brown had joined Donda Sports. While his role at the company was not disclosed, the statement confirmed he brings “an athlete’s perspective to all aspects of the organization.” 

Antonio Brown Says “Baby Boy the President Now”

Antonio Brown also shared a post at the weekend teasing his new role. “Baby Boy the President Now,” he wrote on Instagram. “You Got To Make AN Appointment.”

Meanwhile, AB has been hanging with Ye and his crowd for some time. The two were pictured together days after he was kicked out of the Buccaneers and numerous times since. Most recently, Antonio Brown joined Kanye West and a host of Black journalists for The Future Brunch

He also attended the Donda Doves Chicago homecoming game alongside Ye and Lil Baby.  

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