Police Believe Robbers Knew Kanye Owned Paris Apartment Targeted In Violent Robbery Of Kim Kardashian


(AllHipHop News) Recent reports of the startling robbery of celebrity Kim Kardashian in Paris indicate that the apartment is owned by Kim’s husband Kanye West.

According to Mirror, the apartment was owned by Mr. West for several years.

Also, sources cite this as the reason that the crime was “so well planned out, since the crooks knew exactly what room to target.

The residence was the site of an armed robbery involving Kim Kardashian:

Sha was relieved of over $10 million worth of jewelry by five masked men after they entered the home by bounding the night watchman at the hotel.

The incident in Paris on the evening of October 2 forced Kanye to end his set early at the Meadows Music Festival in Queens, after hearing the news of the disturbing event.

On a more positive note Kardshian returned to New York October 3 to reunite with West without any bodily damage.

As a precautionary measure she was accompanied by 15-20 bodyguards.