Ari Fletcher Responds To Criticism After Her Comments About Wanting Her Man To Pull A Gun Out On Her

Ari Fletcher,

According to Ari Fletcher, folks need to mind their business saying, “If somebody wants their man to pull out a gun, that’s what they want!”

When Ari Fletcher spoke on her relationship with Moneybagg Yo and contrasted it to her toxic relationships of the past, she probably had little idea of the criticism that was to follow.  

During a recent appearance on the ‘Don’t Call Me White Girl’ podcast Ari shared how her relationship with Moneybagg Yo has helped her mature. However, it was her comments about previously wanting her man to pull a gun on her to prove his love that drew condemnation. 

The conversation began innocently enough. “We don’t have like, a toxic thing where we like… we like to talk about everything,’ Ari explained. “Like, I’m mad, this is why I’m mad, and this is what needs to happen moving forward so this don’t make me mad no more.” The mother of one added, “we’re like real adults – it’s weird. I’ve never been like this before.” 

Ari and the host then admitted to being “the toxic one,” in their past relationships before continuing the discussion about her current partner. “He’s trying to make me grow up.” she said. “He makes me feel like, ‘b*tch how old are you? Like, grow the f*ck up!’” 

The most controversial remarks came when Ari was discussing her past behaviors, including throwing temper tantrums. She would make it seem like she was about to leave her man in the hopes that he would make her stay. “Like, pull your gun out and show me like, ‘b*tch leave,” she said. “I wish you would walk out the door.’”  

 She continued, “I’m going to just sit down because I got a son and I’m not trying to die – I got a son. So, I’m only staying because I got a son and I don’t want you to shoot me.” 

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Watch Ari Fletcher On The ‘Don’t Call Me White Girl’ Podcast Below 

Once the show aired and clips of the contentious remarks hit social media people were quick to come out and blast Ari.  One Twitter user wrote:

“Ari Fletcher can say she don’t care about domestic violence victims and want Moneybagg to pull his s####### her all she want it just proves sometimes women really be the toxic ones and G Herbo dodged a bullet.” 

Ari Responds

Word of the negative reaction must have gotten through to Ari Fletcher as she took to Instagram Live and Twitter to explain herself further.  

“The podcast was amazing, I had a fun, beautiful time,” Ari told her followers. “Y’all, please go tune into the podcast – I’m so glad this got so much attention because my girl about to blow up! I mean that’s what it’s really all about like nobody cares about all the negative stuff. Let’s stay focused on what this is really about.”  

She continued, “All of y’all with the [gun comments]. First of all, you probably don’t even have a man, and two, if somebody wants their man to pull out a gun, that’s what they want! Like nobody cares, joking or not, it’s none of your business. Stop tryna do a thing, why the f*ck y’all victimize yourself?” 

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