Ari Melber Debuts IDK’s “Mr. Police” Video On MSNBC


The DMV representative discusses his latest visuals.

Attorney-turned-news broadcaster Ari Melber often invites Hip Hop stars onto his MSNBC show. This week saw IDK make an appearance on Melber’s The Beat to premiere his new music video.

“IDK has a brand new protest song. It’s not in record stores or streaming services. In a first-ever for MSNBC, the song is debuting now on The Beat,” Ari Melber told his TV audience.

In addition, IDK appeared on set with Ari Melber to discuss his latest track and the mission behind his music. The Maryland-raised emcee sat next to political activist Reverend Mark Thompson.

“For me, putting this record together came very organically, but it was really talking about some of the things I’ve witnessed and seen,” explained IDK on the political program which airs every weekday.

The 30-year-old emcee continued, “Personally, I’ve come to a place where I don’t feel that way towards the police. But I know there are a lot of people here who still feel that way. This video is the reason why.”

This was not the first time IDK addressed social issues on mainstream television. In 2020, he incorporated images from #BlackLivesMatter protests into his “No Cable” performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

In addition to premiering the “Mr. Police” video on MSNBC, IDK also posted the visuals on his YouTube channel. The single will live on the forthcoming F65 album. That project will arrive on May 5 via Warner Records.

IDK’s discography already contains the studio LPs Is He Real (2019), USee4Yourself (2021), and Simple (2022). His self-released Sex, Drugs & Homework mixtape dropped in 2014. SubTrap came out fifteen months later. highlighted IDK (formerly Jay IDK) as part of the #DMVOnTheMove series in 2016. One year earlier, the London-born entertainer also spoke to AllHipHop about his journey from serving jail time to becoming a recording artist on the rise.