Asian Doll Compares King Von To Tupac In Emotional Tribute Post That Didn’t Go Over Well

Knig Von, Asian Doll, Tupac

Asian Doll stood her ground after she compared her late boyfriend King Von to late rapper Tupac Shakur, who was also gunned down before his time.

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Rapper Asian Doll has made her love for King Von known in a very public way in the days since his tragic death earlier this month in Atlanta.

The pair were an item from 2018 until 2020, but according to Asian Doll, the happy couple broke up due to jealousy and the pressures of the music business.

And even though she’s been accused of clout chasing, Asian Doll, aka Queen Von, showed undying loyalty by getting a portrait of the late rapper’s face tattooed on her hand. 

In a post this weekend, Asian Doll continued to show her admiration and affection for King Von by comparing him to the late rapper Tupac Shakur.

“Von you beat the odds you won the war & you became a LEGEND 🙏🏽 you was going 2PAC statues Fashoooooo since you been gone I’ve been seeing you everyday in my dreams if I speak yo name I get chills your literally living through me I feel you every sec I take a breath,” Asian Doll said.

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“I hate all that b#### ass s### happened between us I hate them hoes came between us I hate we let the industry & them n##### brake [sic] us up 🥺 that s### breaks my heart into pieces I just wanted you to be the STAR I always knew you was I was yo rider or DIE b#### you kno that we was so powerful together you kno they hated that fasho who would have ever thought THE KING would get touched…Rap n##### acting like they sad knowing they happy cause you blew past all these b#### ass n#####!!!

Asian Doll’s comparison immediately drew some backlash, however, the internet trolls could not change her mind.

Both rappers were killed in senseless acts of gun violence, however, no one has been apprehended for the death of Tupac.

An associate of Savannah, Georgia rapper Quando Rondo was arrested shortly after the shooting.  Lul Timm has charged with the murder of King Von, who was shot to death during the dispute, which broke out in front of an Atlanta hookah bar on November 6th, 2020

This past weekend, the cops in Macon, Georgia reportedly shut down Quando Rondo’s first show since the shooting, out of a fear of violence erupting.