Atlanta District Attorney Believes Witness In YSL Trial In Danger After Video Leak

Young Thug - ysl

Lawyers for YSL said they didn’t leak the video and have no idea how it got out.

Black Twitter was in an uproar after a video was leaked showing a man being interrogated about the YSL gang/ Young Thug case.

In the video, that was stolen from investigators and made public, a man says, “This is a murder that’s about to take place with some very hot people, and [inaudible] the stuff that I know right now should be able to help me get out my situation.”

One posting of the video on YouTube has received over 30 million views according to WSB-TV.

In the comment section, people have responded with threats against the man’s life— causing Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to have concerned for the witness’ safety.

One person wrote, “That [expletive] deserve every bullet he got coming.”

“U gon die goofy,” another said with rat emojis.

“It puts people’s lives in danger,” Willis says. “My worst fear is that it is used as an intimidating tactic and people might be hurt.”

Though the video was recorded about a year ago, the defense only received the video a couple of months back. Many think the defense might have leaked it. Keith Adams, the attorney representing the defendants, said, “I’m happy to have them make a determination or find out where it came from. I know it didn’t come from us!”

The district attorney wants Judge Ural Glanville to order an investigation into how the video got leaked.

She also wants a motion filed to rule that defense attorneys can only view videos like this one in her office, adding a caveat that the lawyers are not allowed to record them.

Adams said he is against this and says it implies the YSL lawyers leaked the video.

“You don’t just file a motion and make these allegations when you’ve got absolutely no basis to back that up, and that’s what’s happened in this case,” he said.

Adams thinks this is unreasonable and that the prohibition is unconstitutional.

Let’s see how this plays out.