August Alsina Talks Groping Woman On Stage, His Cousin Calling Him Gay & Having Thoughts Of Suicide (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) In recent months, August Alsina has been in a lot of headlines for situations not having to do with his new music. The singer faced heavy criticism after footage of him touching a fan’s breast during a concert went viral.

The blogs also jumped on Alsina’s recent Instagram post which showed a family member blasting him in a text message. The text included the cousin suggesting August was gay. The New Orleans native sat down with The Breakfast Club to talk about those topics as well as his own battles with depression.

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On groping a woman on stage:

I had no idea I grabbed her t####. She had this sequins dress. I couldn’t really feel.. when I watched it, I realized [what happened] I jacked my arm back. I talked to her. That’s what media do. They make you out to be a monster. She was actually more upset than I was. She said, “I more upset for you. Do they know what you stand for?” She’s a real fan. Don’t try to corrupt my fans. Not only that. Do I look like a n*gga who’s pressed to grab a t####?

On cousin’s text message:

Everybody feels like I should do this or do that for them and their twelve kids. They’re just angry. I can’t do nothing about that. At a certain point it becomes: You’re my family, but I don’t trust you. I don’t trust to have you around me, because I believe that if you could say anything like that to me, you’ll kill me simply because you don’t want to see me living my life…

That’s a f*cked up reality. The people that are supposed to be here for you, watch you grow and be happy for you – I don’t have that side in my life. It’s rough when your own people can talk to you like that. Here’s the thing, all that sh*t about exposing me – there’s nothing you can tell the world, because everybody already knows. I live my truth, so you can’t use that sh*t against me…

That [gay accusation] is so bogus and for the motherf*cking birds. This fame sh*t really got my family going a whole different direction. Ain’t no coming back from that sh*t… F*ck you b*tch. Die slow. And I mean that.

On battling depression:

All this madness came from a song –  “Song Cry.” [The song is about] me, my life, my thoughts. I gave the real. I talked about me thinking about suicide. I have thoughts about that sh*t. I remember being super, super, overly depressed, and not knowing how to deal with this sh*t – not having a mother to talk to, my father is dead. I don’t have nobody to teach me sh*t. I’m doing all of this on my own.

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Watch August Alsina’s interview below.