Australian Publisher Apologizes To Jay-Z Over Children’s Book

Jay-Z is done fighting a company that turned one of his hits into an ABC song.

(AllHipHop News) One of the most elite pens in Hip-Hop, Jay-Z, has just squash the high profile beef over a children’s book.

The Roc Nation boss signed a settlement with The Little Homie Pty Ltd., a small Australian publisher that released a book in 2019 entitled “AB to Jay-Z.”

The copyright action was launched as the company did not have permission to use the mogul’s image or lyrics for “AB to Jay-Z.”

The book co-opted the chorus from Jay’s#### “99 Problems,” a hit song that even former President Barack Obama quotes in 2013.

“If you’re having alphabet problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but my ABCs ain’t one.”

Jigga’s team filed court documents in an Australian Federal Court at the end of last year stating that the book was a “deliberate and knowing attempt to trade off the reputation and goodwill.”

According to NCA NewsWire, Jay reached a company with the settlement who agreed to stop playing off of his name and image moving forward in a lengthy apology.

“The release of our first book, ‘A B to Jay-Z,’ was quickly followed by the realization that we had made some significant mistakes in our past. Our book, as are all the things created by the Little Homie, was inspired by our love for the music and the culture that it grew from. What we learned is that it is possible to love the product of culture and still hold some damaging beliefs and behaviors, at the same time.”

“Firstly, we would like to sincerely apologize for the offense caused by the content relating to this project. Our intentions were never to hurt anyone that is the last thing we wanted. This project came from a good place and it is unfortunate that we have tarnished it with our ignorance.”

The book is no longer available for purchase and the terms of the settlement are confidential.