Azealia Banks Advises Taylor Swift To Dump Matt Healy: “This Guy Is Gonna Give You Scabies”

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks claimed Ice Spice has more originality than Matt Healy, who made controversial comments about the “Munch” rapper.

Azealia Banks trashed the 1975’s Matt Healy, who is rumored to be dating Taylor Swift.

Matt Healy sparked outrage by making derogatory remarks about Ice Spice and laughing at offensive accents on a podcast. He claimed the controversy “didn’t matter” in a New Yorker interview, which Azealia Banks reacted to on Tuesday (May 30).

Azealia Banks called Matt Healy a drug addict in an Instagram Stories post. She suggested the 1975 member was bitter over Ice Spice’s success.

“Ice Spice has MILES More originality than you will ever,” the outspoken artist wrote on Instagram Stories. “The 1975 is on nobody’s radar babe, maybe fat emo teenagers but no we are not checkin for you boo.”

Azealia Banks turned her attention to Matt Healy’s rumored relationship with Taylor Swift in another Instagram Stories post. The rapper urged Taylor Swift to cut ties with the 1975 frontman.

“Taylor, this guy is gonna give you scabies,” Azealia Banks wrote. “He’s not on the level of powerful p### u worked HELLA Hard To build. Ugh, so many much cooler People in music to work with. You should really Tap James Mercer from the Shins…”

She added, “Ugh, this dude is a full incel. You cannot be letting him climb the rich white Coochie mountain sis.”

Last week, Taylor Swift teamed up with Ice Spice for a remix of the pop star’s song “Karma.” The collaboration raised questions about Taylor Swift doing damage control for Matt Healy.

Read Azealia Banks’ Instagram Stories rant below.