Azealia Banks Facing Lawsuit Over $137,000 Credit Debt


(AllHipHop News) Azealia Banks appears to be having some financial difficulties at the moment.

Page Six reports Banks is being sued by California’s City National Bank over a $137,000 debt.

The Broke with Expensive Taste rapper signed up for a Crystal Visa Infinite Credit Card in 2012.

She then fell behind on payments last December, leaving the current balance on the card at $79,000.

Banks is said to owe $8,000 on a second City National credit card issued in 2015 and an additional $50,000 for a personal line of credit from 2016.

The Harlem native first broke out with her 2011 YouTube hit “212.”

AB went on to release several bodies of work such as 1991 and Slay-Z.

However, Banks’ music career has constantly been overshadowed by her feuding with other celebritiesgetting in trouble with the law, promoting animal sacrifice, and getting suspended from social media platforms.