Azealia Banks Rebukes “Grifter” Kanye West; Says He’ll Reap What He Sows

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks has never been shy about sharing her disapproval of Kanye West and his controversial antics.

Azealia Banks reiterated her disdain for Kanye West in an interview with The Guardian.

The outspoken rapper called Ye a “grifter” who hates all women in a story published on Friday (January 20). Azealia Banks remained outraged over Kanye West publicly revealing he and Kim Kardashian considered aborting their first child at a presidential campaign rally in 2020.

“You’re a f###### idiot for basically sacrificing the mental health of your daughter,” Azealia Banks said. “Just because you can’t get attention from Kim Kardashian, you turn it on your f###### daughter. Kanye, you’re an abusive a###### and you’re a p#### for picking on that little-ass girl. You are the last person we need to hear from about Black fatherhood and the Black family unit.”

Azealia Banks hoped the backlash to Kanye West’s antisemitism had a lasting effect. She believed he can’t redeem himself after years of controversy.

“You have had it very f##### up for a very long time,” she said. “Kanye, did you know that the Bible was the very book used to enslave your dumb ass? Have you ever read the Bible? I’m sure you haven’t. ‘Oh, Hitler was a good guy’ – do you think Hitler liked negroes? It’s way past shock culture and just into stupidity.”

She continued, “You deserve to reap what you sow. In the future, when you’re walking down Times Square and you see Kanye West drinking flat Sprite out of a McDonald’s cup out of the garbage can, you can bring it all back to this moment.”

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