Azealia Banks Says Cardi B Is “An Industry Plant” Who Made The Most Of Her Opportunity  

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks also branded Iggy Azalea a plant though she claims Iggy dropped the ball and is now “giving the single mom thing.”

Azealia Banks is making the most of her Twitter platform following numerous suspensions after returning once Elon Musk took over the micro-blogging site earlier this year.  

She took to Twitter on Tuesday (Jun. 7) to discuss Cardi B, branding her an industry plant. However, she gave Cardi her flowers, showing some love first and later suggesting it was a compliment. 

“Yo Bodak Yellow is really still a TOP TIER female rap record,” Azealia Banks wrote. “It’s so f###### NEW YORK.”  

“it’s one of the best female rap records of all time,” she added. And conceited by Remy Ma , no matter what they say by lil kim.” 

When a fan questioned her motivations, pointing out she has “dragged” Cardi for years, Azealia clapped back.  

“It’s mad funny how fans be thinking they know what goes on behind the scenes. Or think artists care about what y’all think about industry we work in. I’ve always thought bodak yellow was fire. Plus cardi b’s personal, mental and cultural glow up is solid,” she added.

Nonetheless, when another fan pointed out she’s “basically calling cardi an industry plant,” Azealia Banks agreed.  

“She was an industry plant lmao,” she replied. “But sis took advantage of the opportunity and rode that b#### the f### out, assembled the right team, seized the moment and made herself a cultural mainstay. U have to respect it.”

“It’s one of the best female rap records of all time,” Azealia Banks said of Cardi’s breakthrough hit. “And conceited by Remy Ma , no matter what they say by lil kim.” 

Azealia Banks Drags Iggy Azalea

Yet another fan challenged the outspoken rapper suggesting she is being hypocritical, when it comes to her opinion of Iggy Azalea.  

“Sis really was supposed to use T.I for whatever he was worth,” she began. “Drop the blaccent – give fancy and a slew of other kesha type joints, then give fashion mogul Victoria Beckham K###. But she’s giving the single mom thing she really thought whiteness would shield her from.”

While she went in on Iggy, Azealia Banks spoke highly of Hip-Hop icon Lil Kim.  

“It’s a body bag,” she said of Kim’s fifth studio album, 9. “Y’all slept so hard for so long 🙁”