EXCLUSIVE: Government Wants B.G. To Stay Locked Up For Refusing To “Rat” And Abusing Drugs In Prison

BG - B.G.

B.G. wants to be released from prison, but the government said he is using drugs, and refused to cooperate with a murder investigation, so he should stay locked up!

Incarcerated rapper B.G. may have a tough time convincing a judge he should be let out of prison early.

The Cash Money Records rap star had been asking a judge for compassionate release and to send him home three years early, to serve out the rest of his prison sentence under home confinement.

The rapper, born Christopher Dorsey, a motion on May 11, 2021, asking for compassionate release arguing that he was at elevated risk of catching the coronavirus. B.G. also told a judge he had been rehabilitated and deserves a reduced sentence because he is a famous rap artist.

However, the government is claiming he is full of it.

“The government objects to a reduction of Dorsey’s sentence as there is no ‘extraordinary or compelling’ reason for a reduction of sentence due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, as Dorsey has no serious health issues and has been fully vaccinated from the COVID-19 virus. He simply argues that he has been rehabilitated and that his sentence was unjust,” according to United States Attorney Duane A. Evans.

Even worse, the government said B.G. had been caught using drugs and alcohol on multiple occasions during his prison sentence.

B.G.’s most recent infraction was in March of 2021, for alcohol possession. Additionally, the rapper was caught with the narcotic Suboxone in 2019 and 2020 and tested positive for Buprenorphine in 2019.

The rapper was also charged with possession of narcotics in 2017, phone abuse in 2017, and possession of a dangerous weapon in 2017. The government says B.G. does not deserve to be released early from his prison sentence.

“His violations inside the Bureau of Prisons appear to be similar to his conduct which led to his arrest – possession of illegal substances and dangerous weapons. Based on these facts, Dorsey’s ‘moral compass’ has not moved as far as he would like us to believe over the past several years,” Evans continued.

The government also seemed ticked off at B.G. for refusing to cooperate and provide information about a murder of an associate that took place in 2014 in Houston, Texas.

Dorsey told them:

“I have no comment for the FBI. I do not wish to speak to any FBI agent or outside law enforcement officer, I am a rapper and I do not rat on people.”

The agents stated that the entire meeting lasted less than a few minutes.

“His actions show that he is still the same person that made money off of singing songs about and glamorizing his involvement with the ‘gangsta lifestyle’ along with his possession/distribution of illegal drugs and firearms, and preaching to others about how they should never cooperate with the police,” United States Attorney Duane A. Evans snapped. “Even while being an inmate, he has been able to continually possess illegal drugs and dangerous weapons, and when given the opportunity to cooperate with law enforcement and do the right thing for the right reasons, he chose to maintain his street reputation for never cooperating with the police, just like he sings about in his songs.”

B.G. was originally sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2012 after he pled guilty to two counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm and one count of participating in a conspiracy to obstruct justice.

According to the BOP website, B.G.’s projected release date is April 13, 2024. A judge has yet to rule on B.G.’s request for compassionate release.