Babyface Ousted From Anita Baker’s Tour Following “Kenny’s Crazies” Controversy

In a statement posted on his Instagram page, Babyface admitted he was “saddened by the news.”

Babyface was evidently kicked off Anita Baker’s Songstress Tour following days of Twitter drama. In a statement, Babyface admitted he was “saddened by the news.” He continued, “It’s unfortunate and disheartening to see how things have played out via social media. While I was looking forward to the rest of the dates, I have nothing but love & respect for Anita and I wish her the best for the remainder of her tour.”

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The discourse started last month, after Babyface was forced to cancel his opening set at Baker’s headlining show in Newark due to timing. As she explained on June 6, “Live Nation took full responsibility. I went on my stage, at the appropriate time. Did my job without benefit of full production.”

Then on Monday (June 12), Baker asked Babyface to call off fans she said were bullying and threatening her, calling them “Kenny’s Crazies.”

“Some of his fans, are not accepting of the reality, that he is contracted, as special guest support, on My Tour,” she wrote. “Some even want to hurt me… Crazyyyy. Town.”

Babyface sued Baker in 2006, but she told Twitter followers that had been settled and there were no hard feelings. She wrote, “My company defended and prevailed against the lawsuit filed, (not by Babyface, but by his reps. at the time). Kenny, came to me YEARS ago, in the spirit of community and we put it all behind us and came together, in love, peace, music and community and forgiveness.”

On Tuesday (June 13), Baker broke the news to Babyface fans around the globe. She wrote, “After Silently, Enduring Cyber Bulling/Verbal Abuse & Threats of Violence from the Fan Base, of Our Special Guest/Support Act. In the Interest of Personal Safety. I will continue, The Songstress Tour, alone. Appropriate refunds will be made. Blessings.”