“Ballin” Challenge Rapper Sauxepaxk TB Dead At 16

Upcoming rapper Sauxepaxk TB died from a drug overdose earlier this week. 

The rap community in Winston-Salem, North Carolina suffered a major loss earlier in the week.

According to reports, rising rapper SauxePaxk TB died from a drug overdose.  While there is not much information available about the 16-year-old rapper’s death, sources close to the family confirmed the news via Twitter. 

“We also received news that popular Winston-Salem rapper #SauxepaxkTB died of an overdose today. Our condolences to his family & friends as well 😔 R.I.P. SauxePaxk TB 

SauxePaxk TB’s girlfriend and fellow North Carolina rapper TiaCorine posted a tearful message to her Instagram account, where she blamed his associates for causing his death. 

“M############ wanna say Black Lives Matter, but why aint his life matter,” asked the “Lotto” hitmaker. “Y’all was supposed to stop that s###. It could have easily been prevented. Everybody need to look in the mirror…y’all killed him…I blame all y’all n#####.”

The news of SauxePaxk TB’s death shocked fans, who also offered up rest in peace messages via social media. 

SauxePaxk TB was managed by E Sudd, 2 Chainz’s official DJ. He went viral earlier this year on TikTok with his song “Ballin,” which also spawned the popular “Ballin'” challenge. 

Even LeBron James’s son Bronny took part in the viral dance challenge, which helped expose SauxePaxk TB to a wider audience. 

Earlier this year, SauxePaxk TB spoke with AllHipHop about his career ambitions during an interview with the website. 

“My big brothers taught me how to rap. I was 4 or 5 years old around them in the cypher, while they had to babysit me. I dedicated the majority of the things I do or accomplish from the raps to my big brothers,” SauxePaxk TB told AllHipHop. 

Before his death, SauxePaxk TB was working on his acting career via a movie he had written with E Sudd called “Dolo” which was supposed to star 2 Chainz.

“It’s a movie that me and my dawg DJ E Sudd wrote. We got together, we have Chico Bean. This dude named Fetti P, P Frank from Charlotte, North Carolina, they’re going to be the burglars. I’ma be Kevin McCallister. 2 Chainz is going to co-star in it,” SauxePaxk TB revealed to AllHipHop. 

“You have to realize that bag doesn’t come in off being stuck in the streets, trying to be street all the time. You have to know how to switch it up so I’m with it. I’m with all that.”

Sauxepaxk TB
Sauxepaxk TB