EXCLUSIVE: Bankroll Freddie Accused Of Moving Kilos Of Drugs—But All He Cares About Is His Jewelry

According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, the Quality Control rapper wants the jewelry seized in the April 2022 traffic stop that led to his arrest returned.

Bankroll Freddie is being accused of moving hundreds of kilos of cocaine and marijuana as part of his ongoing RICO case—but all he cares about is getting his jewelry back.

According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, the Quality Control/Motown Records rapper is being charged with “conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine and at least 100 kilograms but less than 1,000 kilograms of marijuana and other drug and firearm offenses.” In two different wiretapped conversations, Bankroll Freddie allegedly spoke about how lucrative his side hustle was.


A new motion, filed by United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas Jonathan D. Ross, and Assistant United States Attorneys Julie Peters and Amanda Fields, is asking a judge to deny Bankroll Freddie’s request for return of property. Evidently, Freddie wanted the jewelry seized in the April 2022 traffic stop that led to his arrest returned. He and his attorneys claimed the United States wasn’t adhering to a 60-day deadline to return his property. But Ross, Peters and Fields beg to differ.

“This Court should deny [Freddie’s] request for return of property for multiple reasons,” the docs read. “First, the charges in this case have been dismissed, and the property at issue relates to an ongoing matter pending in front of Judge Moody. This dispute should be decided in that case. Second, the property is an item sought for forfeiture in the ongoing case.

“Finally, the jewelry is evidence in the ongoing criminal prosecution. To the extent the motion relies on Title 18, United States Code, Section 983, it fails because that statue is inapplicable. [Freddie’s] motion should be denied.”


Bankroll Freddie was arrested during the aforementioned traffic stop after Arkansas State Police stopped the 28-year-old for speeding. After detecting the smell of weed coming from his vehicle, the officer asked Freddie to get out of the car. Although he initially complied, he began to resist the officer’s commands so they threatened to tase him.

Ultimately, another officer was able to pull Freddie out of the car by his feet and get him to the ground. Once in custody, a search of the vehicle turned up a large stack of cash (later determined to be $33,662), a Glock handgun without a serial number, Draco-style pistol, two large bags of vacuum-sealed marijuana (weighing about 21.4 pounds) and jewelry. Freddie’s personal property was seized that day, including the jewelry in question.

But it turned out Freddie had more serious problems. On November 9, Bankroll Freddie was named in a sweeping 61-page indictment along with 34 other defendants, including his father. Officials say the alleged gang members “voluntarily and intentionally conspired” together to distribute cocaine, crack cocaine, meth and marijuana. Together, they are facing 16 federal charges. Bankroll Freddie remains behind bars.