Bankroll Fresh’s Associate Demandril “Lil Money” Jackson Killed In Atlanta (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Eight months after the death of Bankroll Fresh, the Street Money Worldwide team lost another family member.

Demandril “Lil Money” Jackson was shot around 8 pm Tuesday night in Southwest Atlanta.

The 22-year-old later died at a local hospital.

Jackson was the manager and uncle of six-year-old rapper/actor Bankroll PJ.

PJ is also the nephew of Bankroll Fresh.

Jackson was gunned down during a drive-by shooting on Smith Street which also referred to as Bankroll Ave.

Two other people were shot during the incident.

Street Money executive Shadi Powers addressed Lil Money’s death on Instagram.

Powers wrote:

How can we teach our children that “black lives matter” directed at other groups of people, when our own black people are killing black people more than anyone else? I understand the message because I’m a grown man but how can you teach a beast or an animal to understand the importance of loving another black brother or sister and/or coming together in solidarity against societal ills that affect the black community? You can’t teach a rabid dog nothing. You can’t educate a wild beast. All you can do to a beast is to show it real strength and make the understanding understood that I have no more cheeks left to turn. RIH Money, take this love with you and tell Bear, #StreetMoneyWorldWide still lives on!!! #LongLiveBankroll #LONGLIVEMONEY

Lord God, we are face again with more tragedy in our family. Our Street Money Worldwide family has lost another soldier, a mother has lost a child, we have lost a brother and our little star [Bankroll PJ] has lost another uncle. We need your comforting right now, we need your favor right now, we need your guidance. The enemy want us to change directions in our focus, the enemy want us to claim revenge and make another mother cry for the loss of her child. But I asked you Lord God, my heavenly Father, to step in, bring your Divine Interruption and soothe our anger, comfort our hearts, level our heads so we can claim revenge another way, by making Street Money Worldwide so successful that the legacies of Bankroll Fresh and Lil Money and all our fallen soldiers who have gave their lives to build this empire, continue to live on for generations and may history never forget that they were here.#StreetMoneyWorldWide #LongLiveBankroll #LONGLIVEMONEYWE #AllThere!!!!!