Battle Rapper Chayna Ashley Drops Fire New Album “Ashes to Ashes”

Chayna Ashley is back after a brief hiatus, returning to battle rap and music, marking her comeback with her new album, “Ashes to Ashes.”

Battle rappers often fall foul of the common misconception that they can’t make quality music. Despite the success of artists like Tsu Surf, whose recent collaborators include Benny The Butcher and G Herbo and Mozzy, or Arsonal Da Rebel with his tracks featuring NLE Choppa and Wyclef Jean, the stigma remains.  

Veteran female battle rapper Chayna Ashley continues to challenge that misconception. The Bronx native dropped her latest album, “Ashes To Ashes,” on Wednesday (Feb. 24).  

Chanya takes center stage on the eight-song project with a combination of her powerful delivery and elite lyricism. The only features come on “All My Life,” a tale of overcoming adversity. Ama Musiek delivers a compelling hook, while fellow female battle rapper Starquiasha a.k.a Star Smilez spits the second verse.  

After cementing her role in female battle rap, Chayna Ashley took a break in 2019. However, she is making her return, which also motivated her to get back in the studio and create her new album.  

Chayna views battling as part of her DNA as an MC and could not stay away for long. She returns as Queen of the Ring resurrect their famous boxing ring setting this year following a series of successful events in 2021 that elevated the women’s scene.  

Chayna Ashley Says “True Lyricism” Is Making A Comeback

Now, with new developments, including the recent addition of Remy Ma as a league owner with her Chrome 23 battle league, Chayna Ashley knew the time was ripe for her return. “I see what’s happening in female battle rap and know I can contribute at an elite level like I’ve always had,” Chayna explained to “When I do get back in that ring, they’re going to pray I stayed away,” she added.  

Furthermore, Chayna believes “true lyricism” is making a comeback, the perfect time for her return. Despite this, she initially questioned her content and was unsure if she would be accepted back into the fold.  

I strayed away and lost my way,” Chayna admitted. “Now I see that it never really left and know this is the time to show my true appreciation and RAP!” She added, “This is hip-hop and this is what it was meant to be!”  

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Chayna Ashley also discussed the challenges of making music in addition to battling and says mastering both is not an easy task. Both test MCs in different ways, which she says “truly pushes your pen and skill.” 

She continued, “My battles showed me to not fear any moment! My music showed me I could touch lives and change them for the better. Both worlds have huge parts in my life and I’m glad to be at home in both!” 

Check out Chanya Ashley’s new album below or stream here via Apple Music.