Beanie Sigel Awake And Out Of Surgery

The Broadway Bully Is Alive And Recovering From A Gunshot

Beanie Sigel is alive.

The rapper was shot outside of his Pleasantville, NJ home, but has been released from surgery earlier in the day.

Earlier he was awake and aware of his surroundings after suffering a life-threatening slug to the abdomen. The police have made efforts to interviews Beans, according to the Associated Press.

Reports say that Beans and another unnamed individual, that may have a familial relationship, got into an altercation that resulted in the Philadelphia rapper being shot. Beans had just dropped off his kids at day care.

Sigel’s lawyer told the AP that his client was not the intended target of the assailant.

Neither Beanie, real name Dwight Grant, or his family have released a formal statement.