Beanie Sigel Turns to AI To Record Next Project As “The Old Beans”

Beanie Sigel - State Property

Beanie Sigel might just be back, but he’s using AI to make himself sound just like that Broad Street Bully we knew and loved.

In a recent appearance on the DJUTV podcast, Beanie Sigel, the renowned Philadelphia-based rapper, revealed his plans to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) in an ambitious endeavor to regain the gruff vocal tone he lost in a traumatic shooting incident back in 2014. The rapper shared his insights during the podcast on Tuesday, July 18, where he also announced the upcoming release of a new project, which AI technology will play a crucial role in completing.

In April earlier this year, Beanie Sigel opened up about the 2014 shooting, which not only put his life in jeopardy but also left a lasting impact on his voice. Although initially believed to be a deliberate hit on the rapper, he admitted he was in the “wrong place, [at the] wrong time” situation. During the podcast, Beanie recounted the terrifying experience, stating, “I got shot in my back, twice. The bullets came out through my stomach.”

The shooting incident put Beanie Sigel into a coma, and his journey to recovery was far from easy. After awakening from the coma, he faced the challenge of having a breathing tube inserted down his throat. In a disoriented state, Beanie removed the tube, causing damage to his throat and compromising the healing process. As a result, the rapper’s vocal tone was forever altered, leading him to explore emerging AI technology.

Embracing the controversial yet promising world of AI, Beanie Sigel has chosen to use this cutting-edge technology to reclaim his distinctive vocal quality. Despite recent criticisms of AI from artists like Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and, Beanie is convinced that AI holds the key to revitalizing his artistic identity. “I’ve got a new project coming soon,” Beanie enthusiastically revealed during the podcast, “And I think I found a good friend with this AI thing. Yeah. A lot of people frown on AI, but I think that’s gonna work for me.”

“It’s definitely for me. Y’all want, what they say, the ‘old Beans’ back? ‘Cause the pen’s still there,” he said Beanie Sigel remains confident that it will prove beneficial in his journey to reestablish his unique sound.

As Beanie Sigel ventures into uncharted territory, using AI to recover what he lost, music enthusiasts eagerly await the release of his new project, hoping to witness the resurgence of the iconic vocal tone that made Beanie a celebrated figure in the Hip-Hop community.