Benny The Butcher Expresses Regret Over Drake Leak: “It Was My Biggest Record” 

Benny The Butcher

Benny The Butcher admitted his frustration when “Buffalo Freestyle” was leaked but says he’s still grateful to Drake.

Benny The Butcher opened up about how “p#####” he was that his collab with Drake leaked before the track could be released.  

The highly anticipated “Buffalo Freestyle” was never officially released after the track made its way online in September 2021. Fans flocked to hear Drizzy and the Griselda rapper on a track together, especially as Benny had teased the collab for several months before the leak. 

During a recent interview with Joe Budden, Benny The Butcher recalled his reaction when the Drake track leaked.  

“I was p#####, I’m not gon’ lie. It’s a f###### Drake record. It was my biggest record,” he began before Joe Budden interjected to tell Benny, “You went off.”  

Benny continued, “It’s a record just sitting in my pocket but I understand the mechanics of the business.” While the Buffalo artist admitted he doesn’t know the specifics, he understands scheduling.  

“This the biggest artist in the world so I understand his release schedule might be hectic,” he said before acknowledging Drake also has a team he’s accountable for. “He’s the name but he represents a lot of people that he work with and his moves represent a lot of people.” 

Nonetheless, there’s no bad blood, and Benny is grateful Drake personally kept him in the loop.  

“No way did I take it like ‘Damn he f##### me over.’ I swear to God I didn’t take it like that because this is Drake; the biggest artist in the world. Even for him to hit me up personally, that lets me know where he at.” Listen to the clip below or check out the interview here.