Benzino Blasts Eminem’s “Stans” After Clashing With Royce Da 5’9″ On Social Media


Check out the two rivals’ Instagram posts and tweets slamming the other.

The war of words between Benzino and Eminem has lasted three decades. Benzino’s former Hip Hop magazine, The Source, was very critical of Eminem and his music which led to the two men repeatedly dissing each other on wax. In 2003, The Source also presented a song by a young Eminem that included lyrics like, “Never date a Black girl because Blacks only want your money.”

In 2020, the feud between Benzino and Eminem’s camp continues. The last few days saw Zino feuding with Em’s Bad Meets Evil partner Royce Da 5’9″ on social media. This latest round apparently started after Benzino once again dissed Eminem and his fanbase.

Royce responded by calling the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta alum a “hoe ass n####” who was “stuck in 06.” Nickle went on to tweet, “Wish I would argue back and forth with a butt naked failure. Go get yourself together bro you got a whole grown daughter out here. You embarrassing us…. Put some clothes on.”

The fight also took place on Instagram. Benzino referred to Royce as a “slave” while adding, “The worst thing is when the white stans say ‘get him’ Royce but none of them ever supported his album. Proof didn’t even like his step an fetch it ass. Smh f##### shame.”

Royce uploaded a clip from Benzino’s “The Bigger Picture” music video. The caption read, in part, “The streets know you dangerous when you desperate so ain’t no telling what lengths you’re willing to elevate this misunderstanding to so put your shell back on and go do karate with the rest of the ninja turtles. I’m a God fearing, peaceful fully clothed man. Peace Gangsta… Peace.”

Additionally, Benzino supposedly challenged Royce to a Verzuz battle. This caused the Detroit native to reply with a sarcastic post that ended with him stating, “Challenge not accepted but big props to I see booty I see booty. Don’t think we even got a venue that could facilitate that massive holy bible of art. Gave me Lennon vibes. Seeing you perform that s### live with the Roots is like top 3 bucket list for me… For real For real.”

Benzino returned to Twitter to throw some more shots at the Bad Meets Evil duo and their followers. He tweeted:

Is the weirdo and culture vulture convention over yet? What’s next? Trump 2024 rally? Hey Stans, you are and will always be the goofiest fans in hip hop, and the hood will never accept you. So stay on the outskirts looking in. Y’all are weirdo nerds to us. Sorry. Keep getting my algorithms up dumb a####, that’s all your doing, your goofy ass comments and tweets are kid s###. I’m not worried about a near mf running up on me, never was. So have dummies, I did the interview and said what I said. It stands…get it… stans. One more thing I noticed, black people have finally woken up when it comes to your guy now, if you notice, out of 3000 comments on YouTube, 75 percent agree with me. I’m getting mad dms saying “salute”. That’s never happened before. So it don’t matter what u say, my job is done. Why do Stans look so weird and dress so bummy? I mean the women have no sex appeal and the males look awkward and insecure and never have drip, is that a requirement to be a Stan?