Benzino Goes Off Over Transgendered Model’s Diss Track And Coi LeRay’s Support Of Eminem

50 Cent Benzino Coi Leray

Benzino let loose on a transgender model named Shauna Brooks, who has been trolling him by releasing her own diss track. Read more!

Rapper-turned-publisher-turned-reality tv star Ray Benzino is on a Twitter rampage, blasting everyone that has caused him any woes over his career, including his most recent scandals.

He started his tirade on Thursday, May 5th, with a morning post rapping he was “hated by many,” “wanted by plenty,” “disliked by some,” and “confronted by none.”

But after becoming aware of Eminem being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a move that covered, Zino seemed to explode.

He wrote, “Listen we all know that @Eminem is a great artist and sold millions of units and deserves any award coming to him, all I’m saying is let’s not forget the legends who paved the way before him. The RRHOF has to recognize everyone if it truly represents Hip Hop.”

While there may be validity in his argument, with fans asking how Nas, Naughty by Nature, or Salt-N-Pepa are not in the annals of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet, there is an undercurrent of biased history in his comments. 

Benzino and Eminem have had drama in the past that notoriously stopped the rapper from being featured in The Source magazine, a publication Benzino co-owned, for years. 

The beef ultimately ended with Benzino and Dave Mays losing control of The Source magazine after investors felt they were terrible for the business. 

After thrashing Eminem on Twitter this week, Benzino decided that everyone could get the smoke, especially the transwoman who alleged the two were in a relationship.

As also reported, earlier this year, Shauna Brooks released audio of the CIS-gendered man saying, “I don’t watch tranny p###…my father would disown me… I’m just now adapting to this world…

Benzino has denied being in a relationship, something Brooks has walked back. He also threatened her online in a post, saying he was prepared to go to jail over the situation.

“Now now this is the last time I even address this goofy s###. Now first the MAN/BEAST/HE/SHE said we were in a relationship and said I was hiding HIM/IT. Then HE/SHE/IT does an interview and says we actually never met in person and HE/SHE/IT/BEAST turned down my advances,” Benzino snarled.

“Now the MAN/BEAST/HE/SHE does a wack ass song and which HE/SHE/IT doesn’t actually rap in it but says I gave HE/SHE/IT some head. Now RATMAN [50 Cent] posts a video with HE/SHE/IT IS posing in UNDERWEAR. all while the MAN/BEAST/HE/SHE/IT keeps tagging Love and Hip Hop.”

Benzino turned his attention to 50 Cent, who seems to never miss a beat when it comes to clowning the Boston native. When Shauna Brooks dropped her diss track against Benzino, Fif was quick to post the music video. 

He captioned, “oh s### she better then @iambenzino_ Shauna s### sounding 🔥he know he want this ass.”

Benzino responded, saying, “Now is it me or is RATMAN the one who’s really obsessed with this CLOUT CHASING WILDERBEAST. Listen I’m just as confused as y’all but hey it’s the internet and we live in a very different world today. Anyway I don’t judge, if the & the are in then godbless them.”

This triggered the father of one of Hip-Hop’s rising stars Coi Leray to clap at his own baby girl.

“As far as the lil [parrot emoji] who keeps talking about love and forgiveness. Well, there’s this word called ‘loyalty’ and a commandment that says, ‘Honor thy Mother and Father.’ As far as burning bridges, there no bridge bigger than the one you burnt with your own blood.”

“One day you will realize that the people in these blogs comment section do not really care about you like I do & your label execs will have you sell your soul to make millions. I LOVE & ADORE my only daughter, but I will just have to do it from a distance.”