Benzino Rips Busta Rhymes For Filming Music Video With “Half-Naked” Daughter Coi Leray

The former publisher of The Source also goes after Angie Martinez for a recent interview with his daughter.

Benzino and his daughter, Billboard-charting rapper Coi Leray, have had numerous public disputes. But at the end of the day, Benzino is still her father and presumably wants to continue protecting her. In a recent Instagram Live video, the former publisher of The Source shamed Busta Rhymes for putting Leray in his “Luxury Life” video wearing next to nothing.

In his opinion, Bus-A-Bus should have asked his permission before parading his 26-year-old daughter around like a piece of meat.

“You don’t do no video with my daughter half-naked,” he said, “and, you know, you a grown a## f###ing man.”

The video, which arrived in September, has racked up more than 7.6 million YouTube videos since its release. From the onset of the visual, Coi Leray is filmed wearing booty shorts and continues strutting her stuff wearing very little clothing.

Coi Leray’s body and her often contentious relationship with her father were heavy topics of discussion during Leray’s recent interview with veteran radio host Angie Martinez. At one point, Leray claimed Benzino was “envious” when she began experiencing success. She said, “At first it was rocky, because I felt like he couldn’t handle my success. [It’s] OK because he’s human, that’s fine.”

Benzino clearly took issue with both Martinez’s line of questioning and Leray’s comments. On Saturday (November 11), he aired out his grievances on Instagram, writing, “This has to be the most ridiculous [s###] I’ve heard in my entire life on this earth. How tf can be envious towards someone I RAISED, NURTURED, PROVIDED FOR, INFLUENCED AND LOVE VERY DEARLY??? This industry and the internet have completely messed up the minds of this young generation. I’m tired of her pushing a false narrative about who I am and what I’ve done as a father.

“In my 40 years in hip hop I’ve never ever seen an artist DOG their parents out the way Coi does and it’s embarrassing and sad…and one last thing, @angiemartinez knows she doesn’t like me so she’s just being manipulative and messy. They want me crash out but I’ve worked on myself so hard that I ain’t going backwards for ANYTHING, but what I won’t do is allow ANYONE to slander my name and push a false narrative on my reputation and who I am. I’ve shed too many blood, sweat and tears, survived street wars and indictments. Nope no more.”

Check it out below.

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