Benzino Says Coi Leray Is Trying To Ruin His Reputation As Family Feud Continues

Benzino Coi Leray

Coi Leray told Benzino she doesn’t want to be his “clout kid,” which provoked a fiery response from her father.

Benzino denied chasing clout in response to comments made by his daughter Coi Leray, who voiced frustrations over their personal issues playing out in the public eye. Benzino claimed his daughter attempted to take him down by pushing a narrative about him being a bad father.

“I can’t let you come on the internet and ruin my reputation,” he said on Instagram Live. “How are you a clout kid? How am I using you for clout when I’m your storyline from day one.”

Benzino ranted on social media after Coi Leray attempted to clarify why she spoke about him in an interview with Angie Martinez. Coi Leray wished her father would stop publicizing their family drama.

“It just seems like every single time, instead of you congratulating me and being happy for me, you want to go online and try to use me to prove yourself to these people and this industry on why you feel like you didn’t get the respect or whatever it is that you deserve,” she said on Instagram Live. “I don’t want to be your clout kid.”

Coi Leray hinted at her father asking her for money while addressing their problems on Instagram Live. Benzino admitted he sought money from her in his rebuttal.

“Yeah, I called you for some money,” he said. “I made you, you didn’t make me … Who the f### else am I supposed to call?”

He added, “I’m proud of what you’re doing, but Coi, you ain’t done s### or made the money I made. You couldn’t walk in my f###### Adidas for an hour.”

Benzino also accused Coi Leray of lying about selling drugs and sleeping in her car. Coi Leray insisted she had no reason to lie, but her father swore he always provided for her.

“You talking about your truth,” he said. “That’s not your truth. I struggled. I sacrificed. I sold drugs so you didn’t have to. And I know that s### sounds cliché, but in this case, that’s how it happened.”

Benzino questioned why no one was coming to his defense in the war of words with his daughter. He hoped his friends would speak up to prove he took care of Coi Leray.

Watch Benzino’s response to his daughter below.

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