Benzino Waves White Flag In Longstanding Feud With Eminem


Benzino declared his beef with Eminem is over, ending two decades of a bad blood that engulfed Hip Hop media in the 2000s.

Benzino decided to end one of the longest-running feuds in Hip Hop.

After beefing with Eminem for two decades, Benzino put a stop to the bad blood on Thursday (March 17). Coi Leray’s father announced he’s done with the beef via Twitter.

“To all @Eminem fans & Stans all over the world, the beef is officially over,” he wrote. “I’m letting y’all know I have no hate towards any of his fans & recognize his contributions to Hip Hop. He truly is apart of the culture & 1 of the best to rock the mic regardless of his color.”

Coi Leray’s burgeoning career played a role in Benzino’s decision. He admitted arguing with Eminem’s fans wasn’t a good look for both him and his daughter.

“I realize that me going back and forth with his fans is not good for the culture, my spirit, my legacy and most important, my beautiful, talented daughter Coi Leray,” he explained. “I don’t want any negativity from me affect her dream. This is truly over. God Bless All.”

Benzino and Eminem’s bitter feud has faded to the background, but it was a major issue in Hip Hop during the 2000s. It also played a role in the downfall of The Source, which Benzino once co-owned.

During the beef, Benzino and Eminem exchanged several diss tracks. The Source’s coverage also started to reflect the personal vendetta against Slim Shady.

The beef’s most infamous moment came in 2003 when Benzino and The Source unearthed recordings of Eminem rapping racial slurs as a teenager. Em apologized for being an “angry, stupid kid” who used the offensive lyrics following a breakup with a Black girlfriend.

Eminem was largely forgiven, but his drama with The Source was just the start of bad business for the magazine once regarded as Hip Hop’s bible. Former editor-in-chief Kim Osorio’s wrongful termination added to the publication’s problems, eventually leading to Benzino and founder David Mays’ ouster from The Source in 2006.