Beyoncé Fans Erupt After Tasha K Criticizes Blue Ivy’s Renaissance Tour Dance Moves 

Tasha K dissed Blue Ivy’s dance moves calling the 11-year-old “stiff,” and called out Beyoncé for not being “honest” with her daughter.

Blue Ivy has been stealing the show while performing with her mother Beyoncé on the Renaissance tour. 

The 11-year-old made her debut during Bey’s Paris show in May. However, not everybody is a fan of her dancing, including blogger Tasha K. The vocal critic called her “stiff” and compared her moves to her robotic vacuum cleaner.  

During a recent episode of her YouTube show, Tasha K called out Beyoncé for not being “honest” with Blue Ivy, claiming the little girl needs training before hitting the stage.  

“Everybody knows Blue Ivy was very stiff up there,” Tasha K declared before adding, “Beyoncé just gon’ tell this girl that she got it.” 

The YouTuber said that while she believes Blue Ivy is “beautiful” and will one day be a model, “13-year-old girls from the hood” out-dance her.

“Her mama has to be honest with her and tell the truth,” Tasha K stated. She also suggested Beyoncé leave her daughter in the Houston projects for a week so she can train at a rec center. “Let’s see if she’s able to loosen up,” she offered. 

She also suggested Beyoncé fans are wasting their money paying for tickets to see Blue Ivy. “If I’m paying $2,000 to see it, I don’t want to see a robot up there,” Tasha K concluded. “She looks like the iRobot that be vacuuming my floors.”

Clips from the show soon began circulating online, and Beyoncé fans didn’t hold back.  

“I will NEVER understand adults attacking an 11-year-old child for dancing with her mother and having fun,” wrote one Blue Ivy supporter. “Tasha K is a disgusting vile person, and I hope her downfall is as big as her hatred.” 

“Blue Ivy is a child minding her business performing in front of millions. Tasha K owes millions because she can’t shut the f### up,” penned another, referring to the $4 million the blogger owes Cardi B after losing a defamation lawsuit. “Be blessed like Blue Ivy y’all.” 

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