Beyoncé Rocks London Despite Slight Wardrobe Flub

Like a pro, the chart-topping superstar showed the British audience just how a professional gets the job done.

There’s a reason why Beyoncé is considered the rightful heir to Queen of Rock & Roll Tina Turner’s crown. In addition to having her high-octave dance moves and unparalleled vocals, the master performer understands how to keep the showing going even when a distraction or problem arises during the set.

On Sunday (June 4) during the fifth sold-out London show of the RENAISSANCE TOUR, the multi-Grammy winner experienced a wardrobe malfunction as she gave a riveting performance of “America’s Got A Problem.” She was wearing a black and gold costume with a large shimmering headpiece for all those in attendance at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. A fan filmed the mishap and posted it on TikTok.

While nothing major, the “Cuff it” singer was dancing a little too hard when her hat started to slip and slide down her to her face. For a quick minute, the hat covered her sunglasses, but like the consummate professional she is, she caught the hat, secured it in place and kept it moving. With a full smile, she eventually takes off the hat and throws it behind her, so as not to disrupt the performance any further.

On TikTok, while mostly everyone marveled at how well she did, one fan, who understands the Virgo’s need for perfection, wrote, “She’s gonna fire that hat!” Another person said the hat wasn’t getting fired, but whoever was supposed to style her.