Bhad Bhabie Denies Chief Keef “Groomed” Her After Saying She Was “Delusional” Over Their Relationship 

Bhad Bhabie Chief Keef

Bhad Bhabie says allegations that Chief Keef is a pedophile are “disrespectful asf,” and insisted she was an adult when they began dating.

Bhad Bhabie is speaking out in defense of Chief Keef after he was accused of being a child predator and grooming the 20-year-old when she was a teen. 

The OnlyFans model discussed their previous relationship during a recent appearance on Emily Ratajkowski’s High Low With Emrata podcast. Bhad Bhabie insisted that despite rumors to the contrary, she was 18 when she began dating Chief Keef. However, the interview did little to appease those who believe Sosa groomed her while she was underage.  

After the backlash, Bhad Bhabie took to Twitter to deny allegations that Chief Keef is a pedophile.  

“Wait I’m mad confused,” she began a series of since-deleted tweets. “20 and 27 is weird but 30 and 37 isn’t? Calling someone a pedophile isn’t just something you say to troll or talk s###. It’s disrespectful asf. I can’t stand the mf but I’m not the type of person to let someone’s name b ruined with lies. Dead that s###.” 

Although she admitted they met when she was underage, Bhad Bhabie reiterated Chief Keef did not groom her.  

“I know what it’s like to have your name ruined with lies. Just bc he knew me before I was 18 doesn’t mean it was like that,” she continued. “Y’all wouldn’t understand how we were and that don’t mean he groomed me either. I’m in a new relationship now and happy asf. I don’t care to keep feeding into the b#######, but both me and Sosa characters got played with badly today. I’m not okay w it.”  

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Bhad Bhabie Reveals She Had 6 Chief Keef Tattoos

Elsewhere during her interview with Emily Ratajkowski, Bhad Bhabie revealed she had six tattoos dedicated to Chief Keef. However, she recently covered over the ink of his birthday because she is “sick of his s###.” 

“I’m getting them removed. I’m just tired of being delusional,” she declared before adding, “I’m so over it.” Bhad Bhaabie also clarified she and Chief Keef were never officially an item: “I would say we were pretty close. But it was like, I don’t know, I’ve known him for a minute.” Check out the clip below and listen to the podcast here.