Big Boi Starring In $20 Million Hip-Hop Comedy TV Show “Government Records”

Big Boi is starring in a new comedy series we’re two feds try to infiltrate Atlanta’s rap scene. 

Antwan Patton is making a name for himself as an actor. 

The same way that he made a name for himself as a part of the platinum-selling rap duo, Outkast, that put the South on the map.

It has recently been announced that Big Boi, Patton’s emcee alter-ego, will be starring in Hip-Hop/ Crime Dramedy TV series called, “Government Records,” produced by Atlanta’s own 850 Entertainment.

Based in Atlanta, the show will center around two ATF agents who team up with the local police department and The Feds to infiltrate the city’s rap scene.  This law enforcement team goes undercover as big-time music execs — hoping to shake up the vicious crime crew run by a fictional 90’s rap artist named “Sugar Key.”

When talking about the show, Big Boi said that he believes that the show would be big, “Can’t wait to get things moving.” The Executive Producer Chris DeBlasio is just as excited saying, “I’ve been looking for a project that would both highlight the city of Atlanta and bring recurring work to the area.”

He continued, “When the script first came to me it was actually being developed as a feature film, but the characters and material were so rich that I immediately decided that it needed to be a series, to fully cover the scope of the story.”

Government Records is slated to debut in 2021.