Big Pun's Mother Turned Bank Robber?


Yes, you read that correctly.

Back in late September, a 63-year old Gail Simpson was arrested on charges regarding armed robbery after robbing a Wells-Fargo in southwest Miami. It has now surfaced that the woman, is apparently the mother of the late legendary rapper, Big Pun. According to Necole Bitchie, an anonymous tip revealed that Gail Simpson and Gail Tirado are linked as the same person, both residing in the area of Bronx, NY (where Big Pun is originally from), and different parts of Florida. Prior to being arrested, she was already on probation for an attempted robbery back in June. To say the least, the rapper’s mom is expected to do some serious time.

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If this is in fact true, it’s a shame that the mother of a great and respected rapper like Pun, would have to resort to robbery. In an effort to gain financial stability, Simpson robbed two banks this year because of her family’s alleged frivolous misuse of Pun’s estate. There have also been accusations in a 2009 lawsuit from Pun’s wife, Liza Rios, against rapper, Fat Joe for currently making money off of Pun’s music, which rightfully belongs to her and her family.

The widow filed another lawsuit last month according to TMZ, where she claimed that she has not seen any of Pun’s profit since 2005. Fat Joe responded that he hasn’t made a dime off of Pun since his death. He also stated that he has legal documents to prove it. “I sympathize with Liza, but I have done already enough for her. In these economic times we as parents need to be resilient and do what it takes to provide for our own families.”

Hopefully, after everything has been settled, Pun’s entire family can land back on their feet.