Big Sean Says “Kanye Can Be Very Hard To Work With”

Big Sean and Hit-Boy recalled similar experiences of working with Kanye West who frequently made Sean redo verses and not use them.

Big Sean and Kanye West have both recently aired their grievances against each other publicly.  

During his infamous “Drink Champs” interview, Ye called the Detroit-bred emcee a sell-out and said, “The worst thing I’ve ever done is sign Big Sean.” Sean said he left Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music label because “I had to start getting a bigger cut!” He also claimed he’s still owed about $6 million from the deal.  

Big Sean and Hit-Boy appeared on “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” recently and shed light on what working with the iconic rapper is really like.  

“Kanye can be very hard to work with,” Sean offered. Hit-Boy thought Sean was going to make that point clear from the outset, adding, “I thought you was gonna say that first.” 

He continued, “Kanye will have you re-do a verse 10 times and not use them.” Hit-Boy had obviously been through the same experience and said, “[Kanye will have you] redo some drums 10 times.”  

According to the Detroit native, Kanye will remove you from tracks without any warning, as happened to him several times. It is for that reason that he will only celebrate his Yeezy collabs when they drop. Sean talked about his spur-of-the-moment verse on “Clique” which, fortunately, Kanye kept him on.  

Sean explained, “With ‘Clique,’ I did that verse on the fly so there’s like eight other verses on there. After him and Hov met up, they cut everybody but they was like, ‘Leave Sean on there, he went too crazy with the hook.’” 

However, the “Wolves” rapper took to Twitter to clarify that he wasn’t firing back at Kanye’s “Drink Champs” remarks. He said the interview was recorded weeks before.