Big Sean Talks His Acting Debut & Plans to Write A Movie

Big Sean hopes to reprise his role in Lena Waithe’s comedy “Twenties” should the BET series get renewed for Season 3 show.

Big Sean admitted he was touched by the recent deaths of beloved figures such as Nipsey Hussle, Chadwick Boseman, and Virgil Abloh and has a new desire to push himself out of his comfort zone.   

“We’ve been losing a lot of close people,” he said during a recent interview with TVLine. “We’ve been losing a lot of visionaries, a lot of peers, a lot of artists. You really realize how valuable your time is, so I’ve been like, ‘Man, I have to do all these things I’ve always wanted to do. II want to write a book. I want to musically explore other thing.” He added, “I want to take it to different levels. I want to write movies. Time is so not guaranteed. You just have to do it.”  

The “Bounce back” rapper has been flexing his acting chops in Season 2 of the Lena Waithe comedy Twenties. The second installment of the show ended on Wednesday (Dec. 15) and Big Sean is keen to make a return as the anti-social media guy, Tristan. “I would love to return,” he said. “I would love to see how the story unfolds.”  

Big Sean Talks His Role As “Tristan”

Elsewhere during the discussion, Big Sean talked about playing a live-action fictional character for the first time.  

“It’s a different experience, for sure,” the “Mercy” hitmaker said. “A lot of doing it over and over again and hoping that they use the right take. There’s a lot of things you’re thinking about like, ‘Dang, I really like how I did it this way, and they might not use it because it [doesn’t] fit the director’s vision.’ It’s a different game than music, but a lot of similarities, since you have to focus and apply yourself, and the product turns out the way it does.” 

 Meanwhile, a preview clip of Big Sean’s upcoming Drink Champs appearance has emerged online. In the snippet, Big Sean shared his feelings on Kanye West following that infamous interview.  

“I love Kanye, bro,” he told N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN. “I love him for the opportunity he gave me and all these things. But I thought what he said was some b#### ass s###.” 

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