Bill Cosby Sued Again For Allegedly Drugging & Raping Woman In 1972

Bill Cosby

The woman refreshes her new allegations from 50 years ago.

Bill Cosby, 86, is being sued for drugging and raping yet another woman. According to TMZ, a new lawsuit filed by lawyers of New Mexico resident Donna Motsinger claims the comedian took advantage of her in 1972 when she was a waitress at the famous Trident restaurant in Sausalito, California.

The alleged incident took place eight years after he married his wife, Camille Cosby, whom he met while studying at the University of Maryland. Motsinger suggests his marital status was not at all at the top of the successful actor’s mind when he assaulted her. He was thinking of the plan to get her drugged so he could have non-consensual sex with her.

Motsinger claims after meeting at Trident, he took her to a show at the Circle Star Theater in San Carlos. While in his limo, she says he gave her a glass of wine and then took her to his dressing room.

The court papers contend Motsinger started to feel sick, so he offered her what she thought was an aspirin. After taking the pill, she started to slip in and out of consciousness. After some time, she was escorted back to the limo with Cosby. The last thing she claims to have remembered is a flash of light, waking up in her home with only her panties on.

As previously reported, Cosby was convicted of similar charges in 2018, which were thrown out because he made a deal with a past prosecutor. Over the last year, other women have come forth, painting him as an old-time creep or a freak, drugging and sexually assaulting women way back in the 70s.

Motsinger came forward about the alleged incident in 2014, but this is the first time she filed a lawsuit. The complaint says the former server “knew she had been drugged and raped by Bill Cosby.” Her attorneys are claiming the incident caused their client mental, emotional and physical distress— and hopes this civil claim will provide her financial relief for her injury.

Cosby’s camp released a statement regarding the lawsuit, saying, “No comment at this present time because this is utterly ridiculous and pointless.” People are clearly losing patience with him. Check out a couple of comments below.