Bishop Lamor Whitehead Indicted For Falsifying Bank Records For Mortgages

Bishop Lamor Whitehead

The feds say they have proof he’s been making fake bank statements for his business.

The Gucci-fied headline-grabbing preacher, Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead is back in the news again, after new allegations were dropped by the Manhattan Federal Court.

According to the New York Post, on Wednesday, Mar. 8, the pastor of Leaders of Tomorrow, falsified bank documents in an effort to get a mortgage for his million-dollar mansion in Paramus, NJ.

The preacher, who gained national attention after being robbed at gunpoint during Sunday service on livestream, has pled not guilty to four of the five charges leveled against him and believes he will be vindicated.

“We are going to be fighting those allegations,” Whitehead’s lawyer, Dawn Florio, said after the indictment was released. “Lamor Whitehead will be pleading not guilty when he is arraigned on the … indictment and denies those charges.”

However, the new indictment states he fabricated bank records and claimed to have an account under his Anointed Management Service, LLC with more than $2 million in it. In fact, he had less than $10, the feds claim.

The feds said this is not the first time that Whitehead has tried to get a loan with fraudulent paperwork.

Manhattan federal prosecutors stated in court documents, Whitehead “fabricated bank records for AMS LLC, from at least in or about October 2018 up to and including … February 2019, in an effort to obtain a mortgage in excess of $1.3 million to fund [his] purchase of a home in Paramus, New Jersey.”

While the government is building its case against the preacher, who is already in trouble for allegedly scamming some of his members and extorting real estate colleagues, Whitehead shares with his supporters that God will handle his battles.

He said on Instagram Live, “For everybody that’s praying for me, thank you, man. And for everyone that wish my downfall, thank you — because the Bible says that, God says, ‘I’ll make your enemies your footstool.’”

Adding, “You gotta be careful with touching a bishop; even if you feel like I’m not one, I am one. And if you become an enemy of God, right, that’s on you.”