Blac Chyna Goes After Judge Who Ruled Against Her In Kardashian Defamation Trial And Loses Again

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna filed court documents claiming the judge who oversaw her high-profile trial with The Kardashians was unfairly biased against her. Read more!

Blac Chyna has lost a motion to disqualify the judge presiding over her defamation case against the Kardashian-Jenner family after claiming he was “extremely biased.”

According to documents obtained by People, the model filed a motion on Monday in which she indicated plans to appeal the verdict in her $100 million defamation case against the reality TV stars.

Chyna, real name Angela White, originally sued members of the socialite family for allegedly interfering with the E! television network to cancel her show, “Rob & Chyna.” After the trial concluded earlier this month, a jury decided Chyna would not be awarded damages.

In response, the mother-of-two filed a peremptory challenge against original trial judge Gregory W. Alarcon of the Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming he was “undeniably hostile and extremely biased” against her and her attorney Lynne Ciani during the case.

Chyna’s legal teamed also claimed Alarcon’s alleged bias affected multiple aspects of the hearing, including “the jury making key liability verdicts in her favor” and being “denied due process with regard to the jury instructions and special verdict form.”

The Kardashians’ attorney, Michael G. Rhodes, responded to the challenge with a 20-page opposition, recounting that despite Chyna’s supposed issues with the trial’s process, she “nonetheless proceeded without complaint as Judge Alarcon presided over a 10-day trial.”

He continued, “In the days and weeks that followed, (Chyna) and her counsel had ample time to raise her completely misguided allegations about Judge Alarcon’s impartiality and numerous opportunities to brief evidentiary issues, jury instructions, and the special verdict form.”

But Judge Alarcon has once again sided with The Kardashians lawyer. According to the judge, Blac Chyna presented no evidence that he was biased against her during the trial. Furthermore, the trial is over, and if she wanted him off the case, she should have asked for him to recuse himself.

Judge Alarcon suggested Blac Chyna file documents to appeal his decision for him to review.