Black Hebrew Israelites Protest Brooklyn Nets For Suspending Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving

During the Nets vs. Knicks game, Black Hebrew Israelites came out to “peacefully,” protest the Nets decision to reprimand Kyrie Irving.

Trouble basketball Kyrie Irving is getting support from the Black Hebrew Israelite regarding his recent controversy with the NBA franchise he is signed to. Recently, Irving was placed on suspension by the Brooklyn Nets for posting a poster of a documentary film “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America” that is being distributed by Amazon.

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, during the Nets vs. Knicks game, several dozen of the religious sect came out to “peacefully,” protest the company’s decision to reprimand the basketball star by suspending him for at least five games and giving a six-point plan to complete before he could return, the New York Post reports.

Deacon Eythan of Israel United in Christ said, “We’re expressing our support of Kyrie Irving and his stance in terms of him knowing who he is. Kyrie Irving himself understands that not only are we Semitic ourselves, but it is contradictory and hypocritical to say that someone is anti-Semitic when they are Semitic.”

“It’s ridiculous to have him go through all these conditions just because he shared something,” said Deacon Eythan, “There’s certain content in there that may be found to be offensive, but if he found some truth in [the movie], there shouldn’t be a problem.”

The religious leader than asked about the penalty or public bashing of Amazon, saying that since it lives on the platform people should be outraged.

According to Newsweek, on Friday, Nov. 4, a letter was sent from the Anti-Defamation League (A.D.L.) in conjunction with Nets that requesting Amazon remove the movie and book from its distribution.

According to the Black Hebrew Israelites, they are not “Jewish” people but are the “Children of Israel.”

The word Jew is a English term that originated in the Biblical Hebrew word Yehudi, meaning “from the Kingdom of Judah.” The tribe of Judah is one of the tribes that come from the 12 sons of Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel in the first book of the Hebrew Pentateuch and or the first book of the Christian Old Testament.

Already, Irving has missed 4 games. The next at-home game is Sunday, Nov. 20. Eythan says if Irving is still suspended, they will still come out to protest.

“As long as we are legally allowed to do so, we will peacefully protest,” he said.