‘Black Ink Crew’ Boss Ceaser Emanuel Thinks Leaked Dog Abuse Video Was Setup

Ceaser Emanuel - Black Ink Crew

VH1 fired ‘Black Ink Crew New York’ star Ceaser Emanuel after a video of him abusing dogs surfaced online.

Black Ink Crew New York’s Ceaser Emanuel responded to the outrage over footage of him abusing dogs.

Emanuel issued an apology of sorts after VH1 fired him on Thursday (June 23). The Black Ink Crew star attempted to justify his actions, claiming he was actually breaking up a fight between his dogs.

“I know the footage that everybody seen, it looks crazy,” he said. “Even me looking at it, it looks crazy. But it’s a moment in time I wish I could take back. I came home, my dogs is attacking each other. And I don’t mean the regular, just play fighting. I mean they was going for each other’s necks, basically trying to kill each other.”

He continued, “I separated the dogs. Now, one of the dogs attacked me. What I did was open the garage door, try to deescalate it. But I was nervous. I’m not gonna tell you no lie. I was nervous and I was scared. So, at the end of the day, I was trying to back the dog down. I was honestly trying to scare him. At not one time was I trying to abuse this dog. All I was trying to do was get him back in his cage.”

Although Emanuel tried to defend what he did, the Black Ink Crew boss seemingly understood he crossed a line.

“I’m not gonna make no excuses for myself,” he said. ‘I should’ve behaved better. But that’s not me with being cruel to animals or anything like that. I’m not that. What I did was a mistake and that was just it.”

Emanuel also revealed the leaked footage came from his own Ring camera. The Black Ink Crew cast member believed the leak was a setup.

“I don’t know how the footage got leaked,” he said. “I know that was off my Ring camera … I’ma keep it a buck with you. I feel like I’m being set up in some way because the way I’m being portrayed, that’s not my character.”

Check out his explanation below.